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South Florida is known to be called the " Recovery Capital ". Find out why from Guardian IOP.. Recovery Capital is an emerging paradigm as part of a strengths-based approach to substance use research. Groshkova, Best and White's (2012) Assessment.... On the other hand, if you have little or no recovery capital, you may have trouble staying sober even if you have received quality treatment.. According to author and researcher William White, the concept of recovery capital was introduced by Robert Granfield and William Cloud in a series of articles and their book, Coming Clean: Overcoming Addiction without Treatment. Granfield and Cloud define recovery as the volume of .... Recovery Capital as Prospective Predictor of Sustained Recovery, Life satisfaction and Stress among former poly-substance users. Alexandre B. Laudet, PhD.... They define recovery capital as the volume of internal and external assets that can be brought to bear to initiate and sustain recovery from alcohol and other drug.... Soilse Drug Rehabilitation Programme. 2011. The role of education in developing recovery capital in recovery from substance addiction. Martin Keane.... The Recovery Capital Index. Face It TOGETHER's proprietary tool for measuring changes in addiction health. Externally validated as an effective measure of.... Recovery Capital: A Primer for Addictions Professionals. William L. White, MA and William Cloud, PhD. From Pathology to Resiliency and Recovery. The history.... Recovery capital refers to the quantity and quality of internal and external resources that one can bring to bear to initiate and sustain recovery from addiction (...

'Recovery capital' refers to the internal and external resources necessary for an individual to achieve and maintain recovery from substance misuse as well as.... What is Recovery Capital ? Research has shifted from the pathology and short-term addiction treatment modalities to include more focused.... Recovery Capital is a term used to describe assets helpful in preserving your abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Read about it and get started today!. Recovery Capital. There are four components to recovery capital: Social capital. The sum of resources that each person has as a result of their relationships.. Cloud, W., & Granfield, R. (in press) Conceptualizing recovery capital: Expansion of a theoretical concept. Substance Use and Misuse. Coyhis.... Click here to find out more about Recovery Capital and how it can underpin and support successful recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.. "In this context, recovery capital is the sum of personal and social resources at one's disposal for addressing drug dependence and, chiefly, bolstering one's.... Recovery Capital is a concept that's changing the recovery landscape across Canada. Until now, research in the field of substance abuse has.... Background: Recovery from a substance use disorder involves various supports addressing multiple interrelated factors. Recovery capital (RC) is.... It seeks to define recovery capital, to capture its flavour and principles, and to look at the intrinsically social forces that are at play in shaping change and in...


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